Studying for CNA License Online

By on January 15, 2013

It is widely known that the healthcare industry is one of the largest and most rapidly growing career fields in the world. In fact, the need for healthcare professionals like registered nurses and medical practitioners is so great that many states have begun international recruitment campaigns in hopes of attracting some of the best talent around the globe. Given the immense need for nurses, there is little wonder why many people are looking to obtain a CNA license in hopes of enjoying a rewarding career as a certified nursing assistant. Previously, becoming a certified nursing assistant would require classroom-based studies at a community college or university, however, with the popularity for online learning increasing it is now possible to study to become a certified nursing assistant online.

The primary function of a certified nurses aide is to carry out basic nursing procedures and front line patient care under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. Nursing assistants are responsible for tasks such as gathering information patient vital signs,  collecting temperature and blood pressure data, and even charting information. Other responsibilities include, delivering medication, assisting patients with bathing, grooming, dressing and eating. Furthermore, nurses assistants must promptly notify their superiors in the event that a patient’s condition changes or worsens – this can include sudden spikes in heart rate or blood pressure, breathing changes and so forth.

Why Get a CNA License Online?

There are many reasons that might prompt a student from taking a web based CNA course. For many prospective nurses aides, this is seen as the first step in their journey to one day becoming a registered nurse. For others it might provide them with an efficient way to secure certification without having to give up their current employment and salary. Simply being able to take nursing assistant certification courses online provides those with an interest in entering the healthcare field with an effective medium of achieving their career goals without having to sacrifice their current paycheck or shuffle things like work hours and childcare around school.

What is Required to Register for an Online Certified Nursing Assistant Course?

In order to ensure that your application will be accepted, it is paramount to know prior to registration what pre-requisites exist in order to become a certified nursing assistant. First and foremost, it is necessary to have obtained a high school degree, or an equivalent diploma. This will ensure eligibility in most US based certified nursing assistant programs online or otherwise.

State Laws and Regulations Governing a CNA License

cna-badgeAnyone considering a future career as a certified nursing assistant should consider carefully the state they wish to earn a living in. In many states, obtaining certification as a nursing assistant CNA be as straight forward as completing a few weeks of online lectures and training programs. However, some states may require more training time than others. For this reason, and to avoid potential problems it is always considered wise to check with local CNA license offices to develop a stronger understanding of their requirements. When compared to conventional studies, online nursing assistant certification courses offer some pretty substantial benefits. Not only does studying in an online format eliminate the need to budget for travel expenses, childcare and so forth, it also allows students the ability to continue their daytime employment while still studying online during their off time.

Online Class Format

Students studying online will be required to take the same subjects and those using more conventional study methods. Some of the most common subjects for nursing assistant studies include chemistry, nutrition, psychology, pharmacology, biology, human anatomy and computer literacy. Simply because the student has chosen to study online does not mean that they are exempt from receiving on the job training or cooperative education. Most certification boards will require that students receive a specified amount of training in a hospital or clinic setting in order to receive full certification. Once the online study portion and the on site training portion have been completed, the student should be eligible to write and qualify for state or national certification exams.

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