How much is the Average CNA Salary?

By on January 15, 2013
CNA Salary

Acquiring a position as a certified nursing assistant can provide you with lucrative career opportunities as well as a hefty salary. You will discover that this is a field that is quickly growing and can grant you with tons of amazing benefits. CNA salary ranges from region to region but typically you can expect to earn anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 dollars per year. Also take note that since this is a rapidly growing field, the demand for certified nursing assistants is huge.

CNA Salary Overview

As we previously mentioned, a certified nursing assistant can earn anywhere from twenty thousand to thirty five thousand dollars per year. Some of them can even earn more. So, why is there such a huge gap between these pay scales? Let’s take a look at a few major factors that play a role on CNA salary:

  • Experience
  • First and foremost, you’ll make a lot more money if you’re more experienced. On the flipside, those with less experience tend to have a smaller salary. Employers typically prefer someone who has a lot of knowledge about being a certified nursing assistant. That way, they won’t have to spend as much time training that individual on how the position works. As you gain more experience, you’ll notice your salary increase as well.

  • Location
  • This is another huge factor that determines how much you make as a certified nursing assistant. CNA’s tend to work in all kinds of medical facilities including hospitals as well as nursing homes. Where you work will play a huge role on your salary.

Education Considerations

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you’ll first need to go through the necessary schooling and courses. While these courses typically range in regards to time frame, you should expect to complete them between four to eight weeks. Do note that some of them take twelve weeks to complete. Your salary will be higher and your acceptance to these programs will be increased if you took relevant classes in high school and received good grades for them. Some of the lessons that you’ll learn about in these courses include anatomy, nutrition, and physiology.

How Long Before You Can Become a CNA?

As we previously mentioned, the courses for becoming certified nursing assistants take about one to three months to complete. But that doesn’t mean that you can jump on board and start earning a salary right away. Once you’ve gone through the course, you’ll need to take an exam that will put your CNA skills to the test. Keep in mind that the difficulty of this test will range depending on where you took your classes. However, do expect it to be in multiple choice formats and do be prepared to review all CNA information that was covered during the training program.

How Much Do Training Programs Cost?

In general, you should expect to pay anywhere between eight hundred and two thousand dollars for entry into a CNA training program. In some cases, you can find them for as low as three or four hundred dollars. It really depends on where you live as well as the availability for these types of training programs. One way to save money is to apply for some sort of grant. If that isn’t possible then use financial aid to your benefit. This is a common option for people who are taking their training classes at a community college.

Advancement Opportunities

Aside from the fact that you will earn a healthy salary, you’ll be exposed to an array of advancement opportunities. This is fast-paced position that requires you to stand on your feet for most of the day. Also make sure that you have amazing communication skills because you’ll be interacting with both patients and co-workers on a regular basis.


As you cans see, CNA salary ranges from region to region. In general, expect to earn anywhere from twenty to thirty five thousand dollars. Remember that if you have more experience and relevant schooling that you’ll be able to earn more money. Taking CNA classes is the first step that you need to take in order to jump on board this fast-growing career path.

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